Much more than sharing an office space in Playa del Carmen!

More than having a shared office space at an affordable price, coworking is all about having a pleasant place to work, while spending time with other people, exchanging ideas, start projects and, most importantly, interact and support each other.

Different from the “virtual offices”, here we don’t have a receptionist, neither do we answer the phone for you nor do we receive packages. What we do is provide you with an office space or work place where you can work comfortably, where you can arrive whenever you want to, be more productive, where your creativity grows or your concentration sharpens. All of this while you can interact with others, brainstorm, have clients over for a meeting, relax or just have some fun..

We offer you a comfortable coworking space in Playa del Carmen, available 24/7, with a good internet connection, A/C, comfortable chairs, coffee, tea, water and cookies at no cost, scanner and printer, meeting rooms and rest or entertainment areas.

By creating a coworking community we do not only aim for independent professionals who need a place to work, but all kinds of persons who, besides working, want a place where they can leave their routine behind for a moment, meet new people, exchange ideas and develop projects.

Putting together this extraordinary concept with extraordinary and diverse people who (come to) live in Playa del Carmen, we foresee nothing but a phenomenal growth for everybody!

Personalized office plans

Depending on what you need we offer unlimited access per day, week or month; solely renting our meeting rooms per hour or day; or teaching or giving trainings during specific days and times.

Daily, weekly or monthly access

- Day ($10 USD): Access for one day from 9am to 6pm (not 24 hrs). Doesn't include meeting rooms nor bikes.
- Week ($50 USD): Access 24/7 - 2 hrs. of meeting rooms and bikes.
- Month ($125 USD): Access 24/7 - 8 hrs. of meeting rooms and bikes. (Unlimited use if they are not reserved).
- Month part time ($75 USD): Access 3 days a week between 9am and 6pm - 4 hrs. of meeting rooms and bikes.
There is always coffee, tea, water and cookies available for our members and their guests.

Rent of Meeting Rooms

Cost per hour: $150 Pesos, half-a-day (4 hours): $500 Pesos. Up to 8 people per meeting room.
- Per hour: Does not include coffee, tea and cookies.
- Per half-a-day (4 hours): includes coffee, tea and cookies. During breaks attendees can use the rest areas.

Meetings, classes or trainings

We are an excellent choice for giving formality to your meetings, classes or trainings. Depending on your needs and the time you need the meeting rooms, we can put together a personalized plan for you. Your clients or students can use the rest areas during their break. You could even have part of your class or training watching videos or presentations in our Chill Room in order to avoid monotony.
If you have something specific in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us!